Who we are

Pizza di Casa is a cozy Italian pizzeria which balances the combination of traditions and trends, classic Italian dishes and the Chef`s original recipes, a homely atmosphere and modern style interior.

Pizza di casa is an Italian pizzeria for the entire family.
We all know how precious the family is for Italians, how they honor and respect family ties. That is why we created a small family restaurant where each family member will be comfortable and find some favourite treat!
The variety of items on our Menu is quite large and is constantly supplemented and perfected depending on the choices and preferences of our customers.
But what is most important for us, what we cannot live without and what makes our hearts beat faster is surely PIZZA!
Those who have tasted our pizza say it`s the best one in town. There are over 20 pizzas in our Menu for every taste.
Pizza di Casa is a kids–friendly restaurant.
The kids are as welcome in our restaurant as their parents. They feel free to run around instead of sitting at the tables, to enjoy the playground, watch cartoons, draw picture, and make pizzas, and play.
We love our little customers very much and have created a kids menu especially for them.
We also enjoy creating an atmosphere of fun and happiness and arrange different festivities, birthday parties and other fun-packed special events.
Come visit us –we are always glad to welcome you in our restaurant! 


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Thank you for choosing Pizza Di Casa! We will contact you within 5 minutes.
Thank you for choosing Pizza Di Casa! We will contact you within 5 minutes.
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